Windows 10 mouse freezes after sleep

windows 10 mouse freezes after sleep Is there a way to fix this It 39 s hard to say if it 39 s Windows 10 or not. Jun 05 2007 When I put my computer into sleep mode everything is functioning properly and all the programs are closed. Explorer windows open slowly websites won t load and the sound drops out. When I restart from sleep mode power saving mode computer not running at all the cursor freezes up. A straightforward method to test for this issue is turning on Ok first here are my specs Windows 10 Pro Activated 64 Bit Intel Core i5 4570 3. . In such situations run the build in sfc utility that detects and restores corrupted system files with correct ones. I fully install Ubuntu but everytime my notebook goes in sleepmode and wakes up my mouse will not work anymore. After updating Windows 10 the sleep mode might work without any issue. Hi people I haven 39 t been on here for quite some time. I didn 39 t have those A small business client has an HP ProBook 470 G4 running Windows 10 Pro 64 in a workgroup no domain. I 39 m on a late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch bar. It makes weird static noises and then everything freezes and I have to hit the reset button. Go to Menu and click Settings. Sometimes it 39 s immediate and I can 39 t use it from sleep. freeze Hello I have a y40 70 that is newly upgraded to windows 10 with all of the new drivers from the lenovo downloads page. To do so you need to Open the Start Menu. It is very unclear edited Feb 10 at 18 27 mouse touch pad becomes unresponsive some times Windows Phone middot more 28 . The docks also have the latest firmware. Anonymous November 28 2014 at 10 21 PM. It is revived with a simple click of the button. Part 2 Problems caused by Windows 10 update malfunction. My cursor on Windows 10 seems to freeze disappear every time when I wake up my laptop from a 39 sleep 39 state. Try using xkill or if your keyboard works then press Ctrl Alt F2 which will take you to command line inteface. I use a Mighty mouse and have never noticed this when I wake my MacBook Pro up but maybe its possible. Use the steps in this document if Windows stops responding to mouse and keyboard computer wakes from sleep mode go to Sleep and Hibernate Issues Windows 10 8 . My touchpad wakes after sleep mode many thanks for this solution much appreciated. I have a security password set and when I enter it and the MacBook Pro recovers from sleep mode the Mac side works just fine but Parallels is frozen and none of the programs or start menu respond. This is on an aero 14 with i7 and 1060 graphics card. I tries repair permissions and reset the smc. I have seen other posts online about this problem but unable to find a fix. When I do a reboot it works fine until I let it sleep even if it 39 s for 10sec . Everything on my system is up to date including drivers. Apr 14 2017 There has been a known issue with some of our laptops since we started migrating to Windows 10. So to fix the problem you can try to update the drivers especially the display driver. Also Windows 10 users frequently experience File Explorer s freezes crashes lags and similar issues. There is also a possibility to fix this issue in the Winblows settings Power amp Sleep. kingsley. There is still a slight delay after a few seconds inactivity on my keyboard mouse but instead of 2 3 seconds with 1. com date September 11 2011 I 39 m on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit edition. What was happening to me was that mouse was unresponsive but with lights on and keyboard was off after computer would come back from sleep. If you are having trouble doing this without the mouse you can use Oct 01 2015 Open Task Manager press Windows key R and type quot devmgmt. That said there seems to be a problem whereby a small numbers of users get an unresponsive touchpad after your system wakes from sleep. Looks like can 39 t quot finish quot hibernation and I have to to do a hard rest pressing power button. I had a similar problem with my Dell 2 in 1 after upgrading to Windows 10. Feb 06 2016 so i got a new USB mouse couple days ago and i noticed that when the laptop goes to sleep and then wake up the cursor freezes and the only way to make it move again is to unplug and replug the mouse again. The keyboard or mouse do not work. 0 2. However after moving the mouse around the mouse cursor freezes both Mar 12 2019 Drag your hard drive s and any USB drives USB memory sticks etc. For this you must uninstall the specific driver s causing the freeze and reinstall it them again. I have 2 computers that are running Windows 10 x64 and using the same mouse a Logitech G700s. Jan 07 2010 Sleep Function Freezing no BSOD Hello When my computer running win7 64 bit tries to sleep I have found that Windows cannot sleep but it freezes the computer and I get white noise from the speakers. It happens every now and then but mostly a few minutes after the computer has started and then every now and then. 1 in which versions they worked without problems. I pressed right and left click nothing. I know that only the mouse and the keyboard freezes because the clock and the quot hiding icons quot features works perfectly. Feb 08 2018 after windows 10 update this morning 4 Sep 2019 windows search function from start menu doesn t function at all. Even hitting Ctrl Alt Del doesn 39 t have any effect. The system specs are Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 Feb 23 2008 Vista Ultimate causes mouse and keyboard freeze after sleep by ravyn007 Feb 23 2008 10 01AM PST I had no problem with my sleep mode on my Vista system until recently. Home How To How to Fix Windows 10 Going to Sleep Randomly How to Fix Windows 10 Going to Sleep Randomly Sometimes Windows 10 Power Plan gets corrupted and it may cause strange behaviour like making your computer or laptop to Sleep randomly even if you completely disable the Sleep Mode in the current Power Plan. View 5 Replies View Related Laptop Freezes shuts Down During Sleep Jul 8 2012. It worked fine earlier. We reported last week that some users are complaining about BSODs random freezes while trying to install the latest optional update and as a result of that the KB4535996 update failed to install. The computer is up to date on all drivers and components according to both Windows and the HP Support Assistant. 4. This issue can also be caused by Realtek Audio Manager. After this period the machine will return control and works perfectly. eg. When the machine wakes from sleep Windows freezes. It s possible that after a Windows update your OS installed the wrong driver version which ends up creating disconnection issues. I hope these solutions help to resolve Windows 10 startup problem on your system Still have any query a suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comments below Also Read Fix windows 10 High CPU usage And Memory leak problem I was using my Dell XPS 13 for 30min and after I went to make lunch. I have a gateway desktop with windows 10. You could always try to reset windows 10 to see if that helps. Right click quot This PC quot and choose quot Properties quot . Actually its d It is said by many users who ve encountered the unbearable random freezes hangs after Windows 10 CU that increasing the virtual memory could resolve the PC freezes issues. It has been doing this since purchase 2 weeks ago When I turn it back on it seems ok and allows me to load but after between 1 3 minutes it suddenly slows down. May 19 2010 Step 2 If the cursor is still not moving type devmgmt. Jun 28 2014 Computer freezes after waking up from sleep. After hard shutdown and turning the PC on again the PC is like in a sleep state it works you can hear the fans all lights are on but there is no signal on the monitor and once again the keyboard and reset button don 39 t do anything mouse is lit Sep 16 2015 My mouse keeps going to sleep or disconnecting posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8. Content tagged with freeze after sleep mode. my pc used to freeze after sleep or hibernate now it freezes after restart or just turning it on. How to Fix Cursor Freeze Disappears or Jumps in Windows 10 8 or 7 Cursor is an important part of computer laptop which is very helpful for users. Windows 10 Mouse Lagging in Drivers and Hardware Hello Since I upgraded to to Wi Fi during sleep quot setting in the power Read this post if your Bluetooth Mouse nbsp This document is for HP computers with Windows 10 or Windows 8. Then again maybe Windows seems to start but your desktop never shows up and all you can do is move your mouse around a blank screen. Trying Control Alt Delete wouldn t work so there was no way to access the Task Manager or restart the machine. 3. Windows 10 Not Recognizing Jun 12 2012 Once the PC freezes I can use the power button to put it to sleep and wake it up and it starts responding again. One of the above solutions should solve this issue. I know it freezes it 39 s nothing wrong with the Touchpad or Mouse as the clock freezes too and nothing happens when I close it and open it up again. when ram and cpu full used by software device hang and stuck. In other words Start button seems to freeze not responding and not clickable. When I wake my computer up from sleep the 39 mouse 39 or touch pad is frozen. If the above process doesn t work to resolve your mouse keyboard freezing issue try downloading Hidden Files to view invisible files on your mounted drives. Windows 10 Mouse Freezes After Sleep Oct 11 2015 After an upgrade to Windows 10 my HP Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor will not wake up properly from sleep. From the Windows Advanced Options Menu Remarkably this answer replacing with a new apparently identical mouse is Computer Freezes In Sleep Mode Windows 10 names that stopped responding. HP desktop. All such cases are cogitated to extract the noticeable properties of these Operating Systems. 0. I have to hard reset it after this to get it going again. When I tell Windows to go to sleep it will do so. Do you see 39 storahci 39 entry in the event viewer at the freeze up time Check the event viewer at the time of freeze up. In Device Manager expand keyboard and right click on the driver for keyboard then select Properties. It is a good utility specially for people who use laptops as their workstations. Hello My cursor on Windows 10 seems to freeze disappear every time when I wake up my laptop from a 39 sleep 39 state. After sleep if I press a key on the keyboard or press the power button I hear the fan and hard drive start up and the monitor goes from completely off to on yet black. from the desktop to the Privacy list. I am almost tempted to go back to Since the 10. quot Sep 05 2010 i don 39 t have the hide task bar options enabled and i already tried disabling all sleep options but no luck plz help p. The machine wakes but there is no display. I have noticed the behaviour on all power modes and before after sleep. Mar 10 2016 Worth noting that after I updated to the latest BIOS 704 the freeze happens every day. I am guessing that it is a problem related with sleep mode I just got my new Erazer a couple days ago and the first thing that I did was upgrade to windows 10. However after moving the mouse around the mouse cursor freezes both There have been no issues with quot freezes quot with the mouse cursor continuing to move or not. ALL Drivers Up to date. 1 3. It uses Windows 10. msc quot and press OK. Go to the mouse properties in Settings Control Panel and check if the trackpad is enabled in settings. The only thing that gets it working again is completely restarting the computer May 22 2020 If this is what is causing this issue in your case you can fix it by resetting and then re configuring your power settings. After long sleep Kodi np longer in full screen but rather in some smaller window. Choose Advanced System Settings on the left panel. Apr 06 2019 Go to System Go to power amp Sleep from the left menu. Apr 25 2012 Hi all I have just purchased a new G74SX which runs fine except for one problem. In Device Manager right click on Mouse Keyboard and select Power Management. It has an e8400 CPU I have tried another e7400 still the same. For example Fn F5. 39 minutes ago Mouse keeps freezing windows 10. Close the lid to go to sleep. Sometimes the mouse pointer freezes or lags when the user tries to play games in Windows 8. Eventually I couldn t click on anything but I could still move the mouse around the screen. I have the i7 SSD model. Press the Windows key X on your keyboard and select Device Manager. This fixed my mouse issues since the latest Winblows 10 64b update . Jul 03 2011 My mouse goes to sleep consistently at the one minute mark after sitting idle. instagram. Unfortunately I cannot find any Windows event logs that show anything specific and the freezing does not get logged either. 1 work correctly. See what event you get at that time. Linux will have all the drivers you need even for printers if you have any attached. 1 but I updated to Windows 10 I have two older gaming computers that have been upgraded with solid state hard drives and I wanted to go to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Going back to Sierra by left swipe on Apple Magic Mouse and then back again repeated 2 or 3 times releases the Windows app until the next time N number of minutes. If that does not hang then it is definitely a Windows problem and it it does freeze then you have a hardware issue. RE XPS 8910 Win 10 Keyboard mouse wifi frequently not working after waking up from sleep and monitor turning black constantly Jump to solution Open Device Manager in Win 10 and look for the entry for your WiFi card. After the update is complete check if the Sleep mode is working in your Windows 10 PC. Mar 02 2017 I have made recommended adjustments to sleep mode settings searched for corrupt files used the built in troubleshooting utilities and taken many other recommended steps but the problem persists. I am not alone with this problem because I have found several forum threads during my research where users complaint about this problem. All other applications including Safari were fine under 10. Here s a quick article that will tell you how to update Windows 10. When it comes out of sleep mode the cursor is frozen and my mouse won 39 t work. If connected via Bluetooth the mouse freezes hangs for short moments . This always happens on a cold start up but Jul 10 2020 Maybe you see the login screen but after entering your password nothing happens. It works fine most of the time but since day one when I put it in standby mode upon restart the desktop comes back up ok but the mouse cursor won 39 t move. I have a Spectre x360 and it has no problems with wake sleep resume. I changed the power settings so it doesn 39 t sleep. 1. It combines the elements of cold shutdown and the hibernate feature. Then press Enter on your keyboard. 1 hangs or freezes B Gates . The screen will go blue and I can move the mouse but that is it. OS Windows 10 pro 64bit. And all I Mar 21 2018 It is most likely a Windows 10 problem but you can make sure for certain by running a Live Linux on it from a USB no need to install anything . There is no mouse. which can all contribute to temporary freezing of the system. Feb 13 2020 A generic freeze may occur due to problems with one or more important drivers such as display drivers Bluetooth drivers network drivers motherboard drivers etc. After the display is turned off after 10 minutes it eventually powers off but the computer is set to never sleep. On next day I starting game all good on menu clicking continue or join someoens game or start new game no matter what i choose it freezes short af So recently my MacBook Pro 2018 Touchbar 4 USB C and Intel I5 Quadcore has been having a really weird problem after waking up from Sleep. Press the Windows key Pause Break to open the system control panel. After running CCleaner the freezing will be solved. This will allow you to still use the SD card reader and put the laptop to sleep without issues. Now that Power Options is open select Choose what the power buttons do from the left hand side of the window the options under Control Panel home Computer freezes after waking up from sleep. I vaguely recall having this issue a long time ago but can 39 t remember how it was resolved. The computer is completely unresponsive to keyboard inputs or mouse movement. If you don 39 t know Right click the Start Menu Windows icon and select It has 4gb ram 2 sticks I have tried each individually still freezes after approx. The cursor kept freezing. 1. Now a days in Windows 10 days it doesn 39 t happen frequently but in good ol 39 Windows 98 and Windows XP days it used to happen occasionally. I have been having this problem since then. 4 Sep 2019 Did you notice the Windows 10 Laptop screen stays black after waking the computer from sleep mode Or the computer would not wake up nbsp 12 Mar 2019 Does your trackpad mouse or keyboard freeze or not respond after Down After your Mac shuts down press and hold its power button for 10 nbsp 19 Jan 2020 But sometimes users report After waking the Laptop from sleep it comes to a black screen and just the mouse pointer that can move around. Windows 7 or Windows 8 8. Sometimes freezes are short that it only worsens accuracy and sometimes even 2 seconds. You 39 re forced to restart manually only to watch it freeze at the same place again. 1 This causes the system to freeze every few seconds. Surface Book and Pro 4 owners susceptible to input freezing with Windows 10 build 14279 workaround in tow download the latest Windows 10 Redstone their product due to a massive sleep wake Mar 14 2019 Mar 17 2019 6 42 PM in response to NIMRODofArnor In response to NIMRODofArnor. but then the screen mouse keyboard and track pad all freeze. SSD Freezes for few seconds. My System Is OS Windows 10 Kodi 16. Every time I open the Lid and log in the screen wakes up Windows 10 momentary freeze hang unresponsive mouse cursor does move Occasionally my PC will stop for a few seconds. This small fix will be enough for a laptop user. Reloaded MS Mouse and Keyboard Center Video drivers DISM and SFC commands show no problems. Usually when I disconnect the keyboard dock doesn 39 t matter if I safely remove it. I rolled back the mouse driver and that has fixed the problem. Jun 27 2020 Updating Windows 10 to its latest version is something that it takes to update all the device drivers on your PC. I am using Windows 10 and would like to use my mouse to wake it up when in sleep mode. After Windows 10 update laptop Freezes after quot Sleep quot Won 39 t turn off Camera Non Functional. Apr 25 2019 Windows 10 freezes after login Windows 10 keeps freezing on startup applications not responding in Windows 10. I recently created Windows partition with Boot Camp which is running a clean install of Windows 10. Windows 10 8 works fine in the initial days of installation but One of the problems is that I can t use the multitouch gestures in Win 10. It 39 s an quot ON quot device with no display. You might want to check with HP to see if there are any necessary video or BIOS updates. Hello I have the triton 500 for 2 months now and the computer randomly freezes after waking from sleep mode. Oct 25 2019 A wired mouse USB mouse wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse are used by you. Aug 14 2020 When my notebook wakes up from sleep mode it works normally for a few minutes and then it completely freezes screen stays on but the laptop does not respond to any keyboard or mouse inputs. Now mouse works after waking up but I 39 m still trying to figure out what 39 s happening to the keyboard. Jan 14 2010 Freezes after sleep mode after I leave my comp alone and it goes into sleep mode. 9 Build 6724 I have been having issues 30 seconds after I wake my computer from sleep Windows 10 64 bit if you mean a real hang like the mouse pointer will not even move. After 2 years of effortless service my Ryzen 2700x Windows 10 build is playing up. If I come back to the machine after it 39 s gone into S3 sleep I can 39 wake 39 it easily enough with a simple click of the mouse but about 30 seconds after the system has woken up everything will freeze for about 30 60 seconds. I 39 m referring to Windows 10 2004 here. Go to Computer Management Device Manager Mouse and Pointer Drivers and then choose Roll Back. 19 Feb 2018 Good Day I just replaced my hard drive in Win 7 Desktop. Jan 08 2020 This guide should resolve Catalina from freezing when a hackintosh is waked from sleep when running off the Intel iGPU integrated graphics . Sep 03 2016 After using one of the methods mentioned above to uninstall the Windows 10 Anniversary Update do the following to reinstall the update on your computer Head over this Microsoft support page . However I found the solution for this problem but only after a very long search. For example when users right click on the desktop the PC goes idle and the Contextual Menu shows up just after 10 15 seconds. closing game after I done playing so far so good. Additionally you can find another situation mouse randomly disconnects in Windows 10. My computer keeps freezing after waking up from sleep usually the second or third time I do it before I have to do a shut down. However the mouse always goes wrong for example mouse lags and mouse keeps freezing these two situations have been mentioned in our previous articles. Nov 16 2011 Windows 7 VM freezes after resume from sleep I am seeing this same problem right now. May 21 2019 The issue of Windows computer shutting down when you put it in sleep or hibernate mode is nothing new and not even specific to Windows 10. If Windows 10 update has been stuck then it can be resolved by following the above mentioned drill. I restored all the Desktop PC freezes after sleep mode. In fact there have been fewer BSODs and system freezes than there were with Windows 7 and 8. Aug 21 2016 Once the computer woke up from sleep mode it freezes several times per minute for a few seconds. This also helps preventing Windows 7 from freezing. So after monitor turns off its display the no button on the keyboard responds neither the numlock or caps lock or anything. Dec 14 2010 Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell HP Acer Asus or a custom build. When Windows takes forever to boot nbsp 18 Sep 2017 2 Reinstall Mouse and Keyboard Drivers. if i hit enter then i cannot move the pointer for a few seconds. Sep 24 2011 computer freezes after waking it up sleep I have Windows 7 Ultimate running on my computer. Went through Windows 10 repair said it couldn 39 t repair. I 39 m having an issue with my PC since upgrading to Windows 10 and I 39 m not quite sure where to go from here. Step 4 Start your Surface again by pressing and releasing the Power button. Jul 22 2009 Windows 7 Freezes After Sleep Or Hibernate Jun 15 2012. Then select quot Advanced system settings quot from the left panel. It only started happening this week and I haven 39 t downloaded any new software. View 5 Replies Using Mouse To Wake Up Laptop Feb 23 2016. Chrome Freezes After Sleep Many Windows 8. Trackpad freezing however removes the cursor from screen so I would assume the hardware is Windows 10 mouse lags can appear during mouse cursor scrolling with a wireless Bluetooth mouse or trackpad on Windows 10 laptop or desktop computers. Look for any driver listed with yellow triangle mark Step 1 Change device settings in Windows. Nov 11 2016 Properties of Freezing Windows 10 8. Hold the Windows Key and Press X. Activity from hardware devices such as a wireless mouse keyboards network adapters or high definition audio can cause the computer to return from a power savings state unexpectedly. That happens when I close the lid or when it automatically goes to sleep after 15 39 I do not touch it. Apr 03 2011 computer freezes after waking it up sleep I have Windows 7 Ultimate running on my computer. Double click it to open its properties. 2Ghz 8 GB Ram Intel Graphics 4600 On Board HD WDC WD10EADX 22TDHB0 Dec 25 2009 We just installed windows 7 home edition and our usb mouse keeps freezing after it 39 s been in sleep mode for awhile we have to reset the computer then it works does anyone know how to fix this Our motherboard is a msi NF750 G55 and the mouse is a microsoft comfort curve 2000. I have a problem with my mouse. Happens 100 of the time when waking from sleep. 5 but FF hated it. If your computer freezes while you re running an application but your mouse is still Aug 05 2016 Windows 10 fully freezes after anniversary update from and check if the Windows 10 computer won t wake up from the sleep mode issue is nbsp . It just wont work. Drivers Cursor Freezes Disappears After Sleep Aug 1 2015. com kingsley. While the screen backlight lights up it remains black and blank whatever input is given. When I wake Windows from sleep the screens turn on and I can see the mouse pointer but the rest of the screen is all black. Feb 15 2019 Have a home built desktop PC circa 2010 running Windows 10. Sometimes when I leave my computer I come back and my laptop screen turned off or dim whichever it is. Must manually force computer shutdown. Aug 02 2017 Windows will sometimes freeze when waking from sleep. It will ask if you want to delete drivers and say yes. May 03 2018 On closing the laptop lip the system goes into sleep mode and when the lid is opened the system wakes up to Windows 10. When I power on the TV again gt 50 of the time the computer has frozen. Oct 22 2008 After years of training reminders examples and such that users have basically ignored the IT department stumbled on a trick that seems to work. Sometimes the mouse pointer may appear but the screen remains black Some times it wakes up gives the login screen but freezes spinning ball after logging in Happens only after some time has passed perhaps 15 39 after initiating the sleep. 1 Im waiting for win 10 upgrade in the meantime Im going nuts trying make Win 8. The problem was before and after SP1 instalation. The symptom is that the screen does brighten a little so it is in fact on and connectedon. Over the past couple of days I have noticed that when I close the lid of my laptop to put it into sleep mode the comuter will boot back up after a time and remain frozen with a black screen and the two left LED 39 s on the front lit up. Recently when I want to log in into windows after a reset or sleep sometimes my keyboard freeze nbsp 8 Mar 2019 Windows 10 freezes after update In some cases freezing can occur to sleep when connected to the internet Users reported that freezing can On your Windows go to the Charms bar either by moving the mouse to the nbsp 19 Jul 2020 Right after the update everything looked normal except the two mal. It 39 s like the mouse goes to sleep and needs to wake up. 27 Dec 2018 Windows 10 PC freezes after login freezes on boot freezes after sleep freezes when playing games NVIDIA driver freezes Windows 10 system etc. Sometimes it takes multiple reboots to get the cursor back. Windows 10 and Windows 8 are reported to display a number of outlooks while ranging from computer to computer. Sep 17 2018 Windows 10 has had a long standing bug whereby various features and components become unresponsive after a system wakes from sleep. I recently on June 25th updated my laptop to windows 10 build 2004. I have been nbsp 23 Jul 2019 Laptop Macbook Pro 15 Late 2016 A1707 OS Windows 10 Pro 1903 Same thing for me no mouse on wake from sleep. I tried the following disabling H I am assuming that it was caused by the update after upgrading to Windows 10. Requires a hard restart. Or even after you restart the system. Keyboard amp Mouse Stop Working After Sleep on Windows 10 Solved 1 Disable Automatic Driver Updates 2 Reinstall Mouse and Keyboard Drivers 3 Change the Settings in Power Management Aug 19 2020 When you use a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse it may stop responding. There are multiple Bluetooth mice connected to the same PC. 0 Kudos. This will happen frequently as I am using the computer. EXTRA FANS 2 Bequiet fans. 08 02 2015 12 33 PM Seems this problem was reported in BETA testing of Windows 10 back in April 2014 so cannot understand why no fix has been made availble Sep 07 2020 Random hangs amp freezes on Windows 10 sometimes happens when system files get corrupted. My Switch 10 freezes a lot. Find out more. Do open Device Manager next and set your keyboard and Mouse to wake up your PC. Once I opened Lenovo Vantage and let this reboot the bios blue screen about 5mins it seems to be working just fine now. 1 builds. Oct 20 2017 Step 3 Wait for about 10 seconds after you released the buttons. My Mouse Re Thinkpad 550 Random Mouse and System Freezes 80 of the time it will come back after 3 5 secs 15 I need to put the laptop to sleep then wake and the pointer is moving again. asleep if I clicked on the sleep option however if Oct 16 2016 This could be a Windows 10 bug depending on what version and build of 10 you 39 re on I would also right click start open Command Prompt Admin and type SFC Scannow When I put the PC to standby sleep and then turn it back on the system crashes with the screen changing colours and is unresponsive to any key or mouse. Without a cursor you will be confused about keeping everything under your control cause it really has a big impact to make your computer laptop more usable. However it doesn 39 t seem possible to wake it from sleep. so that means what mouse cursor freeze but not keyboard too the keyboard must not freeze but all new PC have sleep modes fully on new and all freeze until it can wake up from sleep by usa EPA energy star laws the deeper the sleep mode the longer the freeze. As I am using the mouse the cursor will sporadically quot freeze quot on screen for a couple seconds and then go back to normal. Advanced Solutions to Fix Random Freezes on Windows 10 Computer Jul 08 2011 I have quot fixed quot this by going into power options and changing the plan settings so the PC never goes to sleep. Delete it from Device Manager. I tried moving the mouse cursor but there was no response. From that moment on FF v24 or earlier would not recover from a computer lid closing sleep. This also happens to my brand new MBPR. All I can do to fix it is hit the power button. The only thing I can do is do a restart by pressing the restart button. On a cold boot the laptops will begin the boot process then freeze sometimes at the login screen sometimes before. 4 LTS the touch pad stopped working. You can check these settings by doing the following Windows 10 Right click on Start and select Device Manager. It doesn 39 t matter how much RAM or how advanced processor your computer system Hi I have upgraded my pavilion laptop to Windows 10. These properties are listed below. Nov 05 2016 I 39 m afraid that since Windows 10 x64 AU this laptop randomly freezes going in Hibernation mode black screen fan rolls lamp battery last led mousepad lock lit system freezed. EDIT the problem has returned and the previous solution doesn 39 t work anymore. 1 the Start button may sometime appear to be not working properly where you cannot click on it. 0 Jarvis HTPC connected to AV Receiver Any ideas why this is happening Thanks Sep 29 2017 CCleaner its perfect tool to fix Microsoft Edge freezing. I have not had the freezing issue since. 0 or 4. s. I wake it up my mouse and keyboard work fine. Thanks Dec 29 2017 Bought a new Logitech Mouse from Sam 39 s Club The M720 Pro mouse that uses Logitech Options version 3 2018 . 1 it 39 s more like 300 400ms on 1. 8 runnning build 3120 and Windows XP. Sep 16 2020 Summary. 8. Jun 15 2019 Sleep mode is designed to save power consumption which puts your monitor and the hard disk to rest while idle. Or maybe your Windows 10 computer restarts automatically sometime after it begins to load causing what 39 s called a quot reboot loop. In this case once the Windows 10 system enters into sleep mode you can t wake up the system by pressing any key from keyboard or clicking mouse you can see that the computer is running but Windows 10 randomly freezes for few seconds while playing games or while normal use. This page will offer you feasible methods with reliable file recovery software here to help you fix this issue without losing any data. This is a guess do you have bluetooth turned on Maybe it 39 s possible that the computer is searching for a blutooth mouse and freezes the trackpad. Change power options In the control panel set windows to never turn off the hard disk power. Share middot Reply No freezing after quot rest quot in Win 8. To go back to GUI type startx and press enter. Mostly occurs after it went to sleep at least once Freezing black screen no cursor monitor goes to sleep computer still running after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. It could be anything from a driver to a firmware issue. After upgrading to Windows 10 if I have a project open the screen goes black after a few minutes. But the bigger problem is that after the notebook goes into sleep mode my touchpad stops working I can t wake the system up with it and even if I use a mouse or the keyboard to get back to Windows the touchpad still not responding until I restart the system. The keyboard works just fine but the mouse is completely frozen. Jul 23 2012 I cant get whats wrong In the power plan options i chose quot Never quot in the sleep option and 10 min in the Turn off display option. Click on Additional Power settings. Found Fix for Keyboard amp Mouse Freezing After Coming Out of Sleep. 04. I figured at the same time I 39 d do a clean install of Win 10 x64. I also have five other laptops that work fine with sleep resume. 1 on my Macbook pro. Open Device Manager and locate your USB mouse device under Mice and other pointing devices. Sometimes it appears to wake then several minutes later becomes unresponsive. 1 users have reported about mouse pointer related issues while playing certain games such as Call of Duty Counter Strike Hitman Half Life and Tomb Raider. tech FACEBOOK http www. Since updating Windows 10 to version 2004 our Microsoft fingerprint keyboard and modern mouse keep freezing. The Microsoft Mouse will not move and Microsoft Keyboard will not respond. I ran various virus scanners and nothing showed up. OR Open control panel gt gt click on Power option gt gt click on Change when computer sleeps and set the time to never. AMD A8 6410 with R5 Graphics Dell Inspiron Laptop Windows 10 64 bit Crimson 17. The only way to get it back to normal is to hit Ctrl Alt Del to restart then the mouse will be back to normal. facebook. 2. The affected models are Dell Latitude E5500 series E5520 E5530 specifically that we purchased in 2011 2013. Then check and test to see if the mouse works. So I tried switching to Mint however even with Mint I had the same problem. This is indeed an O2 Micro driver problem. Never click links without first hovering your mouse over the link and seeing if it is nbsp Laptop freezes when it sleeps posted in Windows 10 Support Ive had an I 39 ll press all the keys the mouse buttons close the lid and open it Regularly freezes after rest are brought about by memory concentrated projects nbsp 18. Expand Sleep and set Allow hyrbid sleep to OFF and set Hibernate after to NEVER. Since I 39 ve updated from windows 7 to windows 10 the computer occasionally freezes for about 10 to 30 seconds and nothing but the mouse pointer works. Kill those processes by pressing K and then the PID of the process. Step 3. The workaround is to close the lid to go to sleep again then as soon as the fan stops open the lid again. 31 thoughts on Fix Windows 8. Jul 13 2017 Click on search box which is near by windows icon or start option on screen. PC Won 39 t Stay in Sleep Mode Windows 10 Update Blamed were contending with random freezes issues with sound adapters and other problems. Jan 19 2020 Sometimes due to corrupt system files Windows 10 Freezes with a black screen after waking from sleep and windows get problematic like a slow start not perform well black screen after system startup or waking up. There 39 s only one little problem. Several months ago I had the same problem where the computer just freezes with inactivity no mouse response or keyboard cannot open task manager need to do hard shutdown. The only way I have found to get out of that hang up is restart the computer. Some time its works in case your surface book heated due to heavy load of software. Rescan for hardware change and let Windows 10 install default SD card reader drivers. If you face a situation where after you enter the password of your account and press the Enter key Windows 10 freezes at the login screen then this post may help you 8 Sep 2017 Hello My cursor on Windows 10 seems to freeze disappear every time when I wake up my laptop from a 39 sleep 39 state and when I power up windows. Jun 02 2019 Since an update when the Desktop computer wakes from sleep it will work for approx 5 minutes and then programs will freeze. Fast Startup or Hyper V may be incompatible on some hardware causing freezes when it is not a graphics driver issue very common to cause freeze ups in any version of windows . Werecat Sun Jan 26 2020 9 54 pm in ThinkPad X230 X280 X390 Series Hi everyone I 39 m having a peculiar very interesting but very annoying problem. It has higher possibility to happen when connected to power Luckily there is a few solutions that will help you keep Windows 7 from freezing after sleep. 1 to 10 and since then my touchpad pointer has been freezing for 4 5 seconds after I touch any button on the keypad. Unfortunately but people encounter issues related to File Explorer on Windows 10. Apr 30 2020 Often freezes after sleep are caused by memory intensive programs that are unable to resume their operations upon waking. After a period of inactivity about 5 minutes the mouse does not respond and I have to move it around for about 4 seconds before the cursor starts moving on the screen. Aug 03 2016 Solved windows 10 laptop connected to tv via hdmi keeps going to sleep after 1 2 min of inactivity Windows Won 39 t Display After Sleep wake after going to sleep Laptop fails to recover from Sleep mode weird vertical lines appear on monitor. It eliminates possible conflicts with your mouse. The strange part is that sometimes it doesn 39 t freezes after sleep. Windows 10 Home Clean Install I 39 ve had this problem and surprisingly alt tabbing to an opened window unfroze the mouse I dont know if it helps BSOD mouse freezes amp reboots possibly after new MS wireless KB amp mouse 1 Dec 2016 Win 10 1607 with latest updates. May 16 2018 All of the laptops are fully updated with the latest DisplayLink dock drivers latest BIOS and running Windows 10 1709 Enterprise and running with all updates. Aug 18 2015 I recently updated my desktop to windows 10. A couple years ago I was given a Compaq pc with Windows XP Pro. Sep 05 2015 COuldnt find anywhere the fix for problem so this is the last place I installed game played for 1st time no freezes nothing. tech INSTAGRAM http www. Windows Event Viewer doesn 39 t show any issues except that it detects the system was not shut down properly. I would like to say that I tried everything installing new drivers and reinstalling windows 10 and nothing worked apart this. Richard Feb 26 39 12 Oct 16 2017 The Windows app generally Word but other Windows 10 apps as well freezes. Try turning bluetooth off if you have it on see if that changes things. In the Mouse Properties window click on the Hardware tab and select your mouse from the list of devices. If I hold the power on off button it tries to boot normally but when Windows shows quot login in quot it freezes and I can 39 t do anything. This will allow you to still use the SD card reader and nbsp 7 Jan 2014 Fix for Wake after sleep freeze on Dell Latitudes getting reports from users stating that their laptops were completely freezing up after waking from sleep no response to keyboard mouse etc. May 14 2019 As discussed before the Windows 10 freezing problem can be caused by outdated drivers. Aug 13 2018 Windows 10 PC has multiple blue screens freezes and games crash posted in Windows Crashes and Blue Screen of Death BSOD Help and Support It took me a while to write this post please be After I updated to the latest version of Windows 10 namely the creators update the spotify desktop app completely freezes my PC while playing music seemigly at random . I have to hold down the power button to force a power off then turn it on again. If Windows 10 freezes or gets stuck while copying files from the Windows PC to a new hard drive or an external device stay calm. Oct 20 2018 Initially I thought it was drivers issue or hardware and even the cause of the antivirus BitDefender 2019 Total Security I have even re installed a clean Windows 10 numerous time but as soon as Windows tries to update 1803 it would take at least 4 hours for it to complete then the mouse would occasionally freeze for a few seconds. Apr 04 2007 Mouse pointer has frozen on Windows XP desktop after MacOSX idle sleep since I upgrated my iMac to MacOSX 10. Go to Power Jan 25 2008 I recently installed a new SSD that has more room than my last. To fix the issue open Task Manager again and disable Realtek Audio Manager in the Startup tab. I believe I have all of the sleep modes 92 hibernation disabled. desktop PC freezes randomly the typical symptom is mouse lagging for a nbsp 11 Aug 2018 Windows 10 64 bit . 10 minutes I have changed the graphic card still same. Sep 14 2019 The freezing always comes back. Aug 11 2017 Uninstall And Reinstall Driver. Set up screen saver Set a screen saver that will work after 10 minutes of no activity. Topics addressed in this tutorial mouse cursor freezes and disappears mouse cursor freezes every few secon May 26 2019 Windows 10 hanging freezing 10 20 seconds in General Support So recently after one of Windows 10 updates that I had installed probably about a week or two ago windows 10 has been hanging on the login screen when I enter my password it just spins and says logging in for upwards to 30 seconds then finally logs Mar 10 2018 After you ve identified which symbol key is it hold the Fn key and Press the TouchPad key. 1 to Windows 10 many users have reported that their Windows 10 PC laptop is not waking up from sleep mode. The cursor that represents the mouse in a Windows environment will usually get stuck in the same position refusing to move irrespective of where you position the mouse with your hand. For the most part this bug effects the Start menu or the lock screen. tech May 20 2020 Even though Windows 10 is theoretically equipped to automatically update and installs the newest driver versions from your connected devices including peripherals in reality this doesn t always happen. Step 1 Check in Safe mode Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited Step 2 Perform Clean Boot. Since installing all my freezes have disappeared and the mouse is super responsive. Solution 2 Check Mouse Properties. To test and correct it run a Command Prompt as administrator in the black Command Prompt window type sfc scannow. Sometimes sleep cuclinc the laptop will fix issue. I tried to wait two hours but it just remain stuck. Thread starter Wyattspoppa10. But when I came back 20 min later the laptop was in sleep mode. Whenever the laptop comes out of sleep mode Outlook and IE are frozen and can take 5 minutes to wake up if at all. There is no crash warning no screens of death just a static image of whatever I was doing. Dec 20 2016 The Windows 10 freezing issues has been observed even in newly installed PCs or in PCs which were upgraded from a previous version of Windows e. The only way to resolve the freezing issue is to either unplug the mouse and plug it back in or restart the computer. View 7 Replies Mouse Keeps Freezing Cut Out In 10 Seconds And Then Come Back Oct 26 2015. After scroll down to find Clear browsing data and click Choose what to clear. Today I finally decided to switch from Windows to Ubuntu. Aug 24 2016 Heya I 39 ve this issue with my GL552VW. If I wake Win from sleep all seems well for a few moments Win signs on the mouse cursor responds and the NumLock light on the keyboard comes on for a few Oct 30 2018 Solution The random freezes turned out to be caused by the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard set the user had on her office desk. I went into the power settings and tried changed the turn off display and sleep mode timings to never but now after the computer sits idle for sometime it just freezes Feb 21 2018 But my mouse and my keyboard did not work after bios. From this solution you problem will easily solved. Windows taskbar freezes for 30s after boot by Jake. Windows 10 s Fast Startup also called fast boot works similarly to the hybrid sleep modes of previous versions of windows. 0 port. I am not alone with this problem nbsp Some Windows 10 users are reporting Chrome crashing issue after updating to the latest build Drivers Cursor Freezes Disappears After Sleep Aug 1 2015. Since the mouse is not working you can press Win R to access the Run box. By the way you can learn how to fix the computer crashing randomly. Step 1. What helped me was to plug mouse on USB 2. Open up System Configuration dialog set Selective startup option without disabling any system services. Faulty or outdated mouse and keyboard drivers is very likely to be the cause of this problem. I have a new Logitech M500 corded mouse plugged into a USB port on the docking station. Mouse freezes after sleep hibernation just the touch pad or the entire system but it comes back to life after a while. 12. You nbsp 7 Nov 2011 I initially thought the problem might be caused by the Windows 7 Advanced Power Setting quot USB Selective suspend setting quot being Enabled which is apparently nbsp Hello My cursor on Windows 10 seems to freeze disappear every time when I wake up my laptop from a 39 sleep 39 state. Expand the Mice and other pointing devices section highlight your mouse listing and then select Uninstall . Sep 07 2008 It freezes 10 seconds 60 seconds are ok then frezees again 10 seconds 60 sec are ok in regular intervals. A simple way to test for this problem is turning on your computer letting it load all of its background processes and then putting it to sleep without opening any other applications. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but to no avail. 2 update my Logitech USB mouse freezes after waking up the computer from sleep or when it goes into energy save from non use. My laptop freezes shortly after sleep hibernate. I click the mouse and it comes back. It has been a much more stable OS in general than XP Vista 7 or 8. Using Time Machine I just restored the MBPro to OS 10. The keyboard or mouse is Bluetooth 2. Computer freezes after waking up from sleep. Jun 07 2020 I n Windows 10 or Windows 8. I tapped the one of the keys on the keyboard and the laptop woke up. There type top command and check which processes are utilizing most of the cpu and memory. 9 and build 3188 with parallels tools install. It won 39 t let me log on after that and the screen won 39 t change. View 1 Replies Similar Messages Performance Sleep Mode Black Screen Computer Keeps Running Force Shutdown Sep 26 2015 Nov 18 2016 After this version every newer driver freezes entire screen with mouse cursor when installing AMD Display Driver. This has been this way for 3 months but is becoming a pain and I Aug 20 2020 In case that it is the insufficient RAM brings Windows 10 freezes randomly issue you can adjust the virtual memory. But this could be annoying if your Windows 10 computer goes to sleep every few minutes. thanks After making your selection restart your PC with default settings and try updating it again. Feb 05 2016 Stop Mouse from Waking PC To start go to Control Panel and click on Mouse. When you shut down your computer Windows logs off all users and closes all applications similar to the cold boot. It hasn 39 t actually BSOD Help and Oct 21 2013 more precisely I can start my Win7 normally and use it normally but if and when I put it to sleep either by timing out or manually choosing Sleep it will not function after I wake it. After upgrading the computer from Windows 8. Remove the items from your privacy list. This can happen during normal usage or when one of these specific scenarios occurs The PC goes to sleep and a key press or the power button is used to wake from sleep. If the computer goes to sleep it basically freeze. However once back in sleep nbsp Mouse pointer has frozen on Windows XP desktop after MacOSX idle sleep since I upgrated my iMac to MacOSX 10. Everything is generally fine but I 39 ve been running into an issue where the laptop screen freezes mouse can still move at some arbitrary point after waking from sleep hibernation either option . If you experience Windows 10 lag problems with your mouse the cursor stutters freezes or does not move at all read the guide below to find a possible solution. Wonder what the lt profane gt they broke in this upgrade Jan 20 2017 The Windows option quot Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power quot is set. Mar 10 2016 Expand Hard disk first then set Turn off hard disk after to Never. I just bought the Switch 10 two weeks ago and been having this issue just want to know if anyone has encounter this similar problem. mouse pointer freezes windows 10 and pointer lag. Hello I updated my laptop a few days ago from windows 8. In some cases this application starts automatically with Windows and causes the problem to occur. This is different than the previous behavior because before I could remotely login to the computer and restart it. while trying to fix this issue after another hard reset that followed a freeze my windows 7 started up already frozen 92 i rly hope this doesn 39 t happen again or i 39 m gonna switch from windows completely 92 I have a problem where my system will freeze up with a black screen and won 39 t recognize the keyboard or mouse after it has been sitting for a while. MY WEBSITE http www. Nearly Right now considering AniWeather 39 s features on mouseover that it was added in the time frame that the mouse freezing started and the mouse started working fine after I disabled the add on May 10 2020 Mouse Lags Freezes Stutters in Windows 10. In this troubleshooting guide you can find several solutions to fix freezing and BSOD issues on a Windows 10 computer. Type there change computer sleep time and select it press enter . Would not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard entries. If all else fails to fix the USB mouse disconnecting or lagging then try to uninstall and reinstall the driver. Commendable Double Click on HID complaint Mouse Click power nbsp 21 Jul 2018 Ever since updating to Directory Opus v12. Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube. I can still use the left and right click even while th Nov 04 2015 This is just a video demo of what my windows 10 machine does after sleep. Learn how to fix this error. This iMac had MacOSX 10. Windows XP Pro. Steps to take to find a solution to system freezing. some notes i can put here 1 this problem only happens when the laptop is not plugged to power source. I have to switch off and then switch on to reboot. I 39 m on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit edition. But the trackpad is frozen. Jul 20 2020 Maybe Windows 7 hangs on startup forcing you to look at quot Starting Windows quot for an hour. Feb 03 2011 Solved Windows 10 Can 39 t stop Windows from going to sleep mode I had Windows 7 and had all my sleep modes and hibernation disabled. Generally the keyboard issue is most apparent when entering text on web forms or utilising the fn keys. It seems like the older Setpoint Driver for the Logitech mouse became incompatible with the latest Windows updates for Windows 10. This is fine I set it to do this. On the other hand maybe you can log in but then Windows freezes and you have to reboot manually. The mouse was still responsive. About 9 months ago a user submitted a ticket questioning a suspicious email and IT replied telling them good job you get a star . Feb 19 2018 Page 1 of 7 Recent Windows 10 Update breaks USB Mouse and Keyboard on Dell 3040 posted in Windows 10 Support The windows update last Tuesday has been causing issues with ONLY our Dell Feb 11 2020 Sleep Test Regularly freezes after rest are brought about by memory concentrated projects that can 39 t continue their tasks after waking. Step 2. 6 quot and its keyboard and mouse freezes very nbsp 4 Apr 2019 Windows 10 Freezing After Sleep How To Fix One of the most frustrating Windows issues is slow startup. Trying Windows 10 again on my HP 15 laptop and I 39 ve noticed that when I put the laptop to sleep by pressing the power button which I have set to sleep when I wake it up by moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard it wakes and the desktop appears but then a second later it freezes and i have to press control alt delete which takes a minute to respond and then press task manager to get This happened to me on my ASUS after I installed Windows 10. Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter Sep 29 2016 Occasionally after some usage Windows 10 would freeze but I could still move my mouse. A mouse that is continuously freezing typically exhibits the behaviour of working fine for an undefined period of time then freezing suddenly without notice. Hope this helps someone else. But mainly short freezez occur. It works flawless with the nbsp Rescan for hardware change and let Windows 10 install default SD card reader drivers. 3 and the sleep and freeze issue is completely gone. Mar 24 2013 The mouse freezes and after a delay it accelerates quickly. When the system freezes it 39 s completely locked up. msc in the Windows Run box to open the Device manager. I had made windows recovery usb stick but before I found your post and link I did not know that this was the right command promt command dism Check the event viewer at the time of freeze up. Possible reasons may be due to a Windows 10 update. This really isn 39 t a quot Fix quot per say but I now don 39 t have to manually reboot my PC to get back into windows. Sep 04 2015 To help diagnose cursor freezing in Windows 10 perform clean boot with the minimal set of startup items and drivers. When the computer hangs freezes or enters into quot Not Responding quot state nothing works except the mouse cursor pointer. I that 10 seconds I can 39 t move mouse pointer and desktop is frozen. This can cause the computer to wake from sleep mode for no apparent reason. Aug 01 2015 Drivers Cursor Freezes Disappears After Sleep Aug 1 2015. Open the lid to wake up. I found that I also had to go to Device Manager Human Interface Devices Airplane Mode Switch Power Management and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. It was occuring both on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Power off issue Windows 10 won t shut down completely or stuck on shutting down screen or taking forever Unable to sleep the computer sleep mode issues keeps sleeping Mar 08 2020 It looks like Microsoft s last optional update Windows 10 KB4535996 has caused a lot of trouble for those who installed it. Hopefully Acer will look in to it to see if they need to update anything on their website. I have to hold down the power key to do a hard reboot and then it always starts up fine the second time. Jan 17 2009 Home Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile Previous versions MDOP Surface Surface Hub Library Forums. Jun 28 2020 After upgrading your laptop or desktop to Windows 10 you might have noticed following issues After performing shutdown power lights as well as CPU fan remains on. May 03 2006 But after I restart my windows my keyboard and my mouse stop work. It all works fine EXCEPT on startup where it freezes about 15 seconds into booting Windows. The light of both power button and the one on the bottom left of the laptop which indicates that the machine is running are always on. My display on the other hand goes to sleep after 45 minutes. g. 04 4 Intermittent TouchPad freezes after sleep wake cycle The issue is with my Fujitsu laptop where after installing Ubuntu 18. edit I have disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome and it seems to have fixed it I will update again after using my PC for a while to see if it freezes again. com date June 10 2013 I have a new Acer Aspire S7 with Windows 8 and Office 2010 Home and Business. I have a new Thinkpad T480 docked to a new ultra docking station. However once back in sleep mode either via the balanced power profile or using the sleep option the mouse will freeze again on the Windows login page. Mar 01 2015 I have done the same conclusion because the mouse can freeze in each Windows action like an open combo the combo still stay opened between the freeze I have an X230 Lenovo since 2 years about started in Windows 7 and reinstalled in Windows 8 since more than 1 year and after migrated on SSD with Paragon Migrate to UEFI free to transform Office 2010 on Windows 8 freezes waking from sleep mode location microsoft. The mouse will freeze a couple seconds after being waked up and there may be a sudden restart with a kernel panic message saying there was a problem with Intel HDMI audio when you boot back in. No BSOD or restart. Solution 2 Clean cache To Clean cache first open Edge browser. When I try to use the computer after it goes to sleep after being idle for sometime my tower turns on but nothing shows on the screen. It doesn 39 t come back if I disconnect the TB3 cable and try to use the iGPU. In Device Manager click the arrow next to Bluetooth and select the Bluetooth radio. If you have a 2018 MBP and the built in Keyboard Mouse have issues after Sleep Wake in Windows the devices are not being discovered properly on the wake event by Windows drivers. Sometimes it takes nbsp 21 Aug 2016 Explorer windows open slowly websites won 39 t load and the sound drops out. I can navigate through the menu but if I try to exit kodi or shutdown the system Kodi Freezes and I then have to use mouse to reboot. location 7forums. If you are in category view click on Hardware and Sound and then click on Mouse under Devices and Printer s. MOUSE Razer Naga Chroma. I don 39 t remember when it started but it randomly freezes on me now to the point it drives me a bit mad. Click Apply and OK. windows 10 mouse freezes after sleep


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